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      Kaleb Albin

      Cybermedicine is the use of the Internet to deliver medical services, such as medical consultations and drug prescriptions. It is the successor to telemedicine, wherein doctors would consult and treat patients remotely via telephone or fax.

      Cybermedicine is already being used in small projects where images are transmitted from a primary care setting to a medical specialist, who comments on the case and suggests which intervention might benefit the patient. A field that lends itself to this approach is dermatology, where images of an eruption are communicated to a hospital specialist who determines if referral is necessary.

      The field has also expanded to include online “ask the doctor” services that allow patients direct, paid access to consultations (with varying degrees of depth) with medical professionals (examples include, Teladoc, and Ask The Doctor).

      A Cyber Doctor,[44] known in the UK as a Cyber Physician,[45] is a medical professional who does consultation via the internet, treating virtual patients, who may never meet face to face. This is a new area of medicine which has been utilized by the armed forces and teaching hospitals offering online consultation to patients before making their decision to travel for unique medical treatment only offered at a particular medical facility.[44]

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      Very good topic!

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