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Advantages and disadvantages

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      E-mental health has a number of advantages such as being low cost, easily accessible and providing anonymity to users.[29] However, there are also a number of disadvantages such as concerns regarding treatment credibility, user privacy and confidentiality.[30] Online security involves the implementation of appropriate safeguards to protect user privacy and confidentiality. This includes appropriate collection and handling of user data, the protection of data from unauthorized access and modification and the safe storage of data.[31]

      E-mental health has been gaining momentum in the academic research as well as practical arenas[32] in a wide variety of disciplines such as psychology, clinical social work, family and marriage therapy, and mental health counseling. Testifying to this momentum, the E-Mental Health movement has its own international organization, the International Society for Mental Health Online.[33] However, e-Mental health implementation into clinical practice and healthcare systems remains limited and fragmented.[34][35]

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